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Louise Allen

Dietitian, Nutritionist and Naturopath

“Hi, I’m Louise Allen. My purpose as a Dietitian, Nutritionist and Naturopath is to identify the key pathways in the body that disrupt health and develop Healthcare solutions to restore balance and wellbeing.


I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and Naturopath. Qualified in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Naturopathy. It is a rare combination which offers the benefits of both conventional and natural medicine. I also have a Degree in Bach App Science (Db Major Biochemistry/Chemistry), qualifications in secondary teaching, EMMETT Technique, Bowen Therapy and Reflexology.

My Professional Career

I started my career as a Biochemist/chemist and a secondary school teacher. My interest in diet and health directed me into further studies to later qualify as a Dietitian, Nutritionist and Naturopath. I have been practicing as a dietitian and naturopath since 1991. In 1991 I lived in Brisbane, there I established practice as a Dietitian and Naturopath and for 7 years I was active in this role. Later in 1998 I transferred to Melbourne, and continued to practice in Melbourne with other health practitioners. In 2010 I established a health clinic, Access to Health.

Personal Life-Important Aspects

I am very dedicated and take great pride in my profession, which is mirrored in my personal life. I have a husband and three grown children. It is my passion to ensure that my family and I follow a health diet, based on plenty of vegetable and fruit as well as high quality protein and whole grains.
At every stage of my children’s development, from babies through to young adulthood, I have successfully treated them for all their health complaints with herbal and nutritional medicine. From babies to current times, they rarely required to take prescription medications. However, this is not to say I did not seek medical tests and advice in eventful health crises. I believe regular medical assessment is essential, not just for monitoring health, but to ascertain a diagnosis.

Personal Experience

There is a story I will share: At the age of seven, my second son was diagnosed with lymphoma (a blood cancer). He received chemotherapy but in addition, I integrated an extensive herbal and nutritional treatment plan. Fortunately, with the combination of modern and natural medicine and blessings, he has remained in remission and has grown to become a healthy, young man. I am grateful to all my children, as they have been great teachers and remain faithful to my natural medicinal remedies.


FB – when I first started seeing Louise, I was very ill and had no energy for a while. After one month I got better and I could feel that I am getting well. Now that I have been seeing her for almost 4-5 months, I feel great. My blood test results show that I have improved a lot since I started seeing her. I strongly recommend everyone who suffers from any chronic pain and illness to see her and try her medications and listen to her advice.

HT – I have been seeing Louise since 2001 for many health issues. The medications that she has prescribed over the years have been a great benefit to me.

RL – I presented to Louise with a few medical issues, in particular, stomach issues. In the short period of time I noticed how my stomach complaints were improving and the proof was when I had my recent gastro copy and colonoscopy in June where I only had four small Sessile Polyps, compared to last June where I had eleven, and two were pre cancerous. Louise I awesome and very caring, I have no hesitation in recommending her to people.

TS – Although my blood tests and other medical investigation indicated I was healthy, I felt unwell, agitated, heart palpitations, digestive upsets and sugar cravings. After seeing Louise Allen, all my symptoms cleared. I had improved vitality. My mood is balanced. I lost weight and my cravings are controlled. I feel great!!!

Dr O S – I had a chronic intestinal cystitis and seen a top urologist. All I was prescribed was a drug which just masked the pain at night but left me feeling drowsy. I then was referred to Louise by my sister and Louise gave me some medicine. She also did reflexology on my feet. It was like a miracle. Modern medicine failed me but Louise saved me. Thanks Louise.

FT – Louise Allen has provided me with specific product selection from which I have gain great health benefits. She listens and is genuinely interested in your health. Louise explains complex medical information into a language I can understand. Her education and explanations of health matters has helped me take responsibility for my health.