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Hypothyroid is a thyroid disorder due to loss of Thyroid function.

Common causes include:

Iodine deficiency

Auto Immune disease


Radiation, Surgery and Drugs

Environmental toxicity

Nutritional deficiency

Hypothyroid - Moonee Ponds

Signs and Symptoms include:


Cold extremities

Depression, Anxiety

Weight gain.

Hair loss.


Dry Skin

Often suffers are experience many of these symptoms well before they are diagnosed. Unfortunately, pathology reference range used to diagnose Hypothyroidism is large and sufferers experience many of these symptoms but remain untreated.

Each person has a unique presentation and will require an individualized diet and natural therapy healthcare program.

General Dietary and Natural Therapy Recommendations:

A low reactive inflammatory diet is essential

Addressing nutritional deficiency

Manage Stress

Improve the body’s Natural Detoxification processes

Weight management