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Stress is a natural response to the interaction with our environment. However, it is the level and duration of the stress response that can cause adverse effects on our physical and emotional health. Unfortunately, our modern world is filled with excessive stress which today has been linked as epidemic rise of health conditions, especially mental health issues. Although most of us cope with stressful events when they build up in pressure and tension, the stress response is overwhelming. If left untreated chronic stress can cause symptoms such as:

With our Expertise we provide Diet & Natural health solutions for All Stages of Women’s Health.

Women͛s health is influenced by the stage of life they are in. Each stage of a women͛s life has its unique diet, nutritional, events and challenges. The Dietary and Nutritional needs of women vary, depending on what stage they are at.

Women's Health Moonee Ponds



During adolescence, young women’s nutritional needs are increased to assist healthy growth and development. Adolescence is a period that presents many physical and emotional challenges. Skin problems, such as teenage acne, are common during adolescence.

A healthy diet, exercise and if required the correct nutritional supplement can assist young women enjoy adolescence and experience a smooth transition into adulthood.

Reproductive Years

During the reproductive years, women͛s hormones are widely fluctuating. These hormonal fluctuations
frequently cause Hormonal disorders in many women.

Common Hormonal disorders include:



PMT (premenstrual tension)

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Healthy Pregnancy Essendon

Supporting women through pregnancy is very important, not only for the mother͛s health, but also to ensure the delivery of a healthy baby. There is a vast amount of evidence to show a healthy diet alone may not be enough to guarantee a healthy pregnancy. To achieve the best possible outcome for bother mother and baby, five specific high quality nutrients may be required.



Menopause can be very stressful & debilitating stage in a women’s life. It is a time when the levels of both oestrogen and progesterone fall. When this occurs it produces physical, physiological & emotional changes, causing women to experience a range of symptoms. Recently there has been much attention on testosterone, which also drops, adding to the symptoms experienced by women. HRT is frequently prescribed, however, research shows long term use of HRT medication, can have undesirable & negative side-effects. There are many natural and safe alternatives to HRT, which can control and manage menopausal symptoms.

Diet and natural medicine can offer an alternative and provides a great deal of benefits.