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The low FODMAP diet is a specific and effective people suffering from IBS or IBS symptoms related.

FODMAP are a collection of small carbohydrates and sugars in food and food additives.

Fructose and lactose are sugars in food and food additives.

Fructose and lactose are sugars that belong to the FODMAP group.

In some people the absorption of FODMAP, but more commonly, fructose and lactose are incompletely absorbed, causing malabsorption.


The malabsorption of fructose and lactose and/or other FODMAP result in their being fermented by the gut bacteria giving rise to symptoms such as:

Bloating and Reflux

Wind, abdominal pain

Altered bowel habits



Malabsorption of FODMAPs may exacerbate symptoms caused by other digestive disorders such as.


Chron’s Disease

Ulcerative colitis


Before treating symptoms of malabsorption as a FODMAP issue, thorough Medical investigations are necessary to determine the correct diagnoses.


Key Dietary and Nutritional Recommendation are.

Dietary modification focused on low FODMAPS. A personalized Diet plan is essential for optimum outcomes.

Address nutritional adequacy. Nutritional supplements ma y be necessary during the initial period to correct nutritional deficiency states.

As a Dietitian I am trained to provide expert nutritional advice and make dietary recommendations to address the individual’s malabsorption issues.

Don’t put up with symptoms caused by FODMAP, get help!!

A healthy gut is the get away to wellness and vitality.