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Energy is the amount of work or activity your body can do. Low energy is often described as fatigue, which fatigue is a common complaint. Fatigue, also described as tiredness, mostly results in not being able to carry out tasks you have set out to do and or working on. In some cases, even a simple task, such as getting out of bed, is difficult. Essentially, the degree of fatigue can vary from one individual to another, this in effect can have major ramifications in your life. High energy relates to drive, high performance, motivation, carrying out tasks easily.

In summary fatigue and high energy are on opposite sides of the scale.

High energy → low/fatigue

Low energy → high fatigue

What causes fatigue?

When you feel tired your working potential is low. This can affect you physically and mentally. There are a number of contributing factors. These include:

Thyroid function

Low iron

Inadequate vitamin B levels

Hormonal imbalance

Excessive stress and demands

Insufficient sleep

Unable to set aside time to relax


Digestive issues


Poor cellular energy function (often referred to poor mitochondrial function)

Lack of physical activity

Fatigue and Energy

Energy is generated from inside the cell in a compartment called the Mitochondria. The Mitochondria requires essential and key nutrients that drive energy production, some of these include the following:

B vitamins




Herbal medicine also has a powerful role in boosting energy production.

You can optimise your energy levels through healthy diet and lifestyle, correct supplementation and optimising mitochondrial energy.

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Eat a whole foods diet and drink adequate amount of water. Avoid processed foods loaded with toxins

Exercise regularly. Being active is essential to gain energy

Correct supplementation with key nutrients listed above

Mindset factors that support positive mind patterns, joy, happiness and finding inner peace are essential to elevating energy.

Negativity drains energy. Negative thought patterns are simply your own conditioning and habits you identify with and allow to take over. Relax and trust in the goodness and abundance of the universe