Healthy Living Moonee Ponds


We are adamant that thorough medical tests and investigation are carried out to ensure the best treatment and service is provided.
Communicating with Doctors to request pathology tests and other forms of medical investigation in order to devise the correct diagnosis.

Acid and pH tests

Urine and saliva can provide us with valuable information about the load of acid on our body systems. An excess acid load impacts of health and can drive disease. For example: Pain and inflammation, Fatigue, Digestive disorders, Muscular and Bone conditions. We can put you on the right path to Health by providing you with the correct Diet and Mineral supplement to ensure your body acid is balanced.

Life System

Software Programme –The programme is accessed via electrodes, at one end attach to the computer and at the other end to the body. Very low frequencies (lower than that of our body), are transmitted from the programme directly to the body, providing Energetic Medicine. The frequencies transmitted by the LIFE SYSTEM scan through the body to assess and identify vulnerable and weak areas, which is unattended can lead to serious health problems. Finally, the correct frequencies are chosen to create balance to the affected areas and assist in restoring health.

Healthy Living Moonee Ponds

VLA ( Vitality Longevity and Health Ageing Programme )

The VLA is scientific validated test known as Bioelectrical impedance Analysis (BIA). BIA is a science that was developed in the 1980‘s to measure body composition (How much muscle and fat you have in your body).
In current times the science of BIA has become very accurate in testing and measuring body composition. It involves connecting leads to your hands and feet and passing a low voltage electrical current through you body. The test is completed in minute and is painless. It provides us with insight into not only body composition but also helps to monitor cellular health and fluid distribution.
The information derived from the VLA test assists us to design a programme tailored to your individual needs. It will include Dietary and Nutritional advice and high quality supplements if required.
The Health Benefits you could receive from the VLA test are:

  • Manage your weight more effectively
  • Increase muscle tone and fitness
  • Improve energy levels
  • Support healthy ageing
  • Support your nutrition and health of your body
  • Iridology and Sclerology

    Our iris and sclera of our eyes have patterns which are unique to the individual. Each person has their own special pattern, similar to a fingerprint. These patterns found in the iris and the sclera, provide information about an individual’s general health and what aspects of their body may reveal weakness.