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Males are of the opinion that they are less in need to take care of health than women. However, the male human requires the same essential nutrients as the female. Therefore, paying attention to the diet, lifestyle and specific supplements can make an enormous difference to male’s health experience and performance.

Men's Health Essendon - Niddire

There is nothing more fundamental than following a healthy diet:

Healthy MODERATE quantities of Protein rich foods for growth and development

Enough wholegrains for minerals and fibre to meet energy needs

An abundance of vegetables and fruit packed with nutrients antioxidants to boost cellular health, and support hair and skin.

Healthy fats from nuts, seeds, fish oils.

Avoid excess sugars, processed foods and alcohol. All of which in excess diminishes great health.

Exercise regularly, at least 30mins 5 days per week.

Adequate rest and sleep to assist the body restore and regenerate

General Well Being

General Benefits can be found in high Quality supplements:.

General Well Being

Multivitamins and antioxidants supplement for energy production which includes a good dose of zinc. Zinc assists in healthy hormone metabolism as it is concentrated in the male reproductive system especially the prostate. It is also essential in healthy cognitive and immune function.

Magnesium has been shown to be inadequate in a great number of people, which may lead to fatigue, weakness, cramps and emotional stress. Specific health issues that can develop in males are, sexual dysfunction, which may be related to the prostate, hormonal imbalance or emotional issues.

Healthy sexual function related to hormonal imbalance could be assisted by nutritional support such as, Zinc, B Vitamins, and Carnitine.

Herbal support such as Tribulus. Tribulus has been traditional used in this area of lower levels of the male hormone. This are now studies that have shown Tribulus to enhance Androgen levels.

Addressing emotional constrains and stress is vey Important when treating sexual dysfunction. Also refer to information under stress management.

Treating Sexual Dysfunction