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Poor immune function leads to common colds, cough and sore throats.

Strengthening and maintaining a robust system is essential to avoid getting sick often.Our immune system is our defence system that protects us from harmful infections, such as viruses and bacteria. In the event that you do get sick you want to have speedy recovery without the need for antibiotics.

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Your defences and immune system can be weakened by a number of factors.

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Emotional and Psychological

Either lack of or too much exercise

Lack of sleep and rest

Pollution, cigarette smoke, extreme temperature changes

A poor Diet with an insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables, leading to nutritionally inadequate.

Nutritionally compromised due to increased nutritional demands.


Check your diet and lifestyle

During any infection the demands of a number of nutrients are increased making it difficult to meet nutrient requirements with Diet alone.

Taking extra nutrients and medicinal herbs has proven to be an effective means to enhance and support immune health.

Strain specific Probiotics.

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By following these tips to support a healthy immune function, not will only you be more protected from common colds and flu but other nasty infections.

Should you be a cancer sufferer in conjunction to your standard medical treatment, supporting your immune system may help cope with the negative effects from your treatment and avoid serious infections and side effects.

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Our expertise and extensive experience in successfully treating Poor immunity and colds and flu can help you maintain a strong immune system.