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Irritable Bowel syndrome IBS is not an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, however, it causes abnormal bowel mobility, often accompanied by abdominal pain. IBS can present with diarrhoea and /or constipation. When the digestive complaints are initially presented it requires a full medical investigation to exclude inflammatory bowel disease.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome- IBS

Factors that contribute to the development of IBS include.

Stress plays a big role. In theory IBS sufferers respond differently to stress. Their stress response leads to gut hypersensitivity leading to digestive complaints commonly seen.

Food sensitivity and intolerances.

SIBO (small intestinal bowel overgrowth)

FODMAP malabsorption issues.

Leaky Gut syndrome.

Severe IBS, if unmanaged, can lead to other health problems.

IBS Diet - Essendon and Moonee Ponds

Natural and Nutritional Treatment

Identify food chemical sensitivity

Food restrictions are initially beneficial.

This is followed food challenges and re-introductions.

Manage stress and anxiety

Address the microflora

Check nutritional status and correct inadequacy

Identify triggers.

We have the skills and expertise to identify your IBS triggers and provide you with a Diet and Nutritional plan that manages your Gut Health.