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Stress Management

Stress is a natural response to the interaction with our environment. However, it is the level and duration of the stress response that can cause adverse effects on our physical and emotional health. Unfortunately, our modern world is filled with excessive stress which today has been linked as epidemic rise of health conditions, especially mental health issues. Although most of us cope with stressful events when they build up in pressure and tension, the stress response is overwhelming. If left untreated chronic stress can cause symptoms such as:



Sleep disorders



Poor memory



Stress can be a contributing factor in illnesses such as stomach ulcers, depression, migraines, dermatitis, asthma, IBS.

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Stress comes in many forms including:

Work related pressures

Personal and family issues

Financial difficulties

Divorcing and Separation

Personal injuries and illness

Death of a loved one

Significant life changes e.g. moving houses, changing jobs

If severe stress is having significant health implication seek medical help. It may adversely affect several our body systems including nervous, digestive and immune systems as well as our mental health. Restoring balance health and vitality can be achieved by diet and lifestyle.
There is copious evidence on how stress depletes the body of nutrients such as, Magnesium, B Vitamins. Extra high-quality supplements can make a difference to your stress copying mechanisms. Specific medicinal herbs can also be extremely beneficial in counteract the negative aspects of stress on our health and wellbeing.
Choosing a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle is also fundamental in mitigating the adverse effects of chronic stress.

Tips to assist you manage the everyday pressures of life and improve your health and vitality include:

Pay attention to yourself and lifestyle. A wholesome diet is the foundation to ensure you are receiving all the essential vitamins and minerals.

Speak to your health practitioner about what supplements may assist you improve your resilience against stress.

Ensure you get sufficient sleep, relaxation and exercise.

Practice gratitude being grateful for what you have and focus on the positive not the negative improves mental wellbeing and self-steam.

Enjoy nature being out near plants and water e.g. parks, forest, and beaches, reduces stress.

Mindful breathing. Take deep breaths, if feeling anxious, conscious, slow breathing calms both your body and mind.

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