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Ear candling involves inserting a specifically designed candle into the ear canal. At the top of the candle, opposite to the insertion of the ear the candle is lit up. The burning of the candle creates a vacuum that enables excess ear wax to be drawn into the candle for its removal. It is a safe and painless technique when supervised and performed by an experienced health practitioner.

There are many digestive conditions that are often complex. As a trained health practitioner in this area, addressing the root causes is the only way to restore optimal function of the digestive system.
A customised diet and specific nutritional supplements can improve the management of Common digestive disorders.

The benefits include:

Removing excess ear wax and debris present in the ear canal.

Relieving symptoms of sinusitis.

Relieves nasal congestion when suffering from a cold.

May relieve tinnitus.

May alleviate the symptoms of hay fever.