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Environment Chemical Overload is causing ill health. Our exposure to environmental toxics increase at an alarming rate.

Through sophisticated mechanism our body has the capability to detoxify and eliminate toxins efficiently. However, when the load chemical toxins are excessive the body’s detoxification mechanism becomes inefficient on break down.

The results are toxic and build up within the body, which has life-long impact on health.
Pregnant Woman and Babies and young children are at great risk from this chemical exposure.

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Where are these chemicals coming from?

Detoxification - Essendon and Moonee Ponds

Skin Products e.g. Cosmetic, Body Cream, Deodorants, Shampoo, Perfumes.

Air we breathe – car and industrial fumes.

Food & Water containments.

Plastic Drink bottles, Food Containers.

Pesticides/Fungicides sprayed on Fruit and Vegetables.

Household cleaning products.

Electromagnetic radiation, mobile phones, High Voltage power lines.

Flying regularly.

Pharmaceutical drugs.

Smoking and/or Excess Alcohol

The detrimental effects Chemical Overload has on health:

Increases the risk of allergies.

Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia.

Delayed mental and physical development in Children.

Reproductive health.


Sleep disorders.


Skin conditions.

Thyroid issues.

Hormonal Imbalance.


The solution to reduce Chemical Overload is to follow a safe, scientific based detoxification programme. We provide Safe effective Detoxification programmes to suit your individual requirements.

Science has evidence based facts recognizing the importance of how effective detoxification is necessary to maintain and optimize health and wellness. It is suggested that we would gain great health benefits from carrying out a well designed detoxification programme with the correct diet and nutritional support to be 1- 2 times per year.
We service our cars so do your body a favour, get onto our Detox plan and feel terrific!!!