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Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan is unique to you, like your DNA (which is your genetic blueprint) and your gut bacteria. The ageing, stability and health of your DNA are determined by:

Food nutrition and chemistry derived from animal and plant sources, where plant source encompass fruit, vegetable, edible & medicinal herb

Gut Health, without a healthy digestive system and beneficial gut bacteria, absorption of your nutrients will be compromised. Your body cells and DNA will not receive the essential nutrients they require leading, to poor health and disease. Our gut bacteria play a major role in gut health

Lifestyle – Exercise, recreation and good sleep are vital for optimal wellbeing

Herbal Medicine Moonee Ponds

1. Herbal Medicine

A very important aspect of personalising your treatment plan is integrating one of the most ancient forms of medicine, Herbal Medicine.
As a very skilled and qualified practitioner in herbal medicine I have the ability to create herbal formulas unique to your health needs.
Herbal medicine is one of the practices of Natural Medicine that prescribes for restoring and maintaining health.

Plant extracts contain an amazing array of unique complex properties. It’s only in recent times that modern science is discovering the benefits herbal medicine has on your health.

2. Diet and lifestyle

Customizing a Diet and lifestyle plan. Remember food chemicals and nutrients communicate and regulate with your cells and DNA. It’s important to not only eat nutritious foods but choose the foods that optimize your wellbeing- DNA wellness.

3. Nutritional Supplements

Identify what nutrients are in high demand that diet alone can’t satisfy to meet your requirements without compromising your long term health. This is where high quality supplements are essential.
Supplements purchased off the shelf or online often do not provide you with:

The quality

Correct dose

Effective results

Compatible ingredients

Unless you are trained in natural medicine, you are less able to correctly choose the most effective supplements for optimal health.
There is a public perception that Natural supplements are all safe. However, in my clinical experience there are many cases where natural medicine has caused significant side-effects.

Self-prescribing natural supplements can be harmful.

A Natural Health Practitioner is the best qualified to advise you on health supplements.
As an experienced Natural Health Practitioner, I can provide you with the correct and effective supplements.

Nutritional Supplements - Essendon and Moonee Ponds

4. Testing and Analysis

Analysing and assessing both current and if available past medical tests and investigations, this will assist to direct and structure your treatment. Assess your eyes, tongue and skin to provide me with information that’s unique to your health status. Test your urine and saliva pH (the acid level in these) providing important information about your health level of inflammation and your body’s toxic load.
Don’t go cheap on your genes; they’re the only ones you’ve got!!!.