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Prevention Better Than a Cure – Enhance Your Immunity

With growing number of viral and bacterial infections each year we need preventative measures to protect ourselves.

A healthy responsive immune system is necessary for survival.

Viral infections
Viral Infections

We can reach out to NATURAL REMEDIES.

These remedies have been used for 100s and 1000s of years, & have shown to assist humans combat disease and infections by strengthening the immune system.


Modern medicine tells us airborne infections invade the body, primarily via respiration including nasal and mouth and throat. If halted at these entry points risk to health is minimised.

Our prescribed IMMUNE BOOSTER PACK is NOW available which targets airways to protect against airborne infections and strengthens the immune system.

1. Nasal Viral Protection:

Consisting of essential oils to protect upper respiratory passages from infection.

2. Mouth & Throat Viral Protection

Containing medicinal herbs to prevent mouth and throat areas from developing early stage of infection. Relieves irritating cough and sore throat.

3. Immune Viral Defence:

Containing medicinal herbs to strengthen immune function from viral and other microbial infections. Maintains well-being and speeds up recovery.

Viral infections


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OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS necessary to further assist to support a healthy immune system include:

Making healthy food choices – Consume an abundance of Vegetable, Salads and Fruits

Regular- daily exercise

Healthy Lifestyle, Sleep and Hygiene

Other Supplements proven to enhance immune function such as: Vitamin C and Zinc

Go out in the sun for 15minutes daily – Vitamin D is very important healthy immunity

Specific probiotics play an important role to regulate immune function

Viral Infections

Caution: Self-prescribing natural supplements can be harmful. Always Seek Professional Health Practitioner advice to recommend what is best for you.

A Natural Health Practitioner is the best qualified to advise you on health supplements. Our expertise and extensive experience in successfully treating poor immunity and colds and flu can help you maintain a strong immune system.