We often see our mouth as a cavity that receives food and drink, experiencing pleasure from what we taste but separate to the rest of our body.

However oral health is in fact intricately connected to general health and wellness.

The mouth is made up of live tissues primarily:





These tissues require nutrition via the blood supply connected to the rest of our body.

Apart from these tissues we can see what’s not visible to the naked eye is bacteria and other microbes creating a forest, covering our entire mouth (known as our oral microbiome).

Healthy Food Means Healthy Mouth Essendon

In a nutshell our oral cavity is extremely complex, and it’s directly linked to the rest of our body, where there are many factors (internal and external) that impact our oral health, the most important factors include:

Dental Care- Your dentist is the best qualified to advise.


pH (acid base)

Hormones (mostly in the form of stress)


Diet and nutrition (what we eat and drink)

When we eat and subsequently digest food our digestive system extracts and absorb its nutrients, which then nourish every body organ and tissue including our mouth, teeth and gums. Essentially, our health and wellbeing are predetermined by our gut health and the food we eat.Food choices seriously impact on our oral health.

Moonee Ponds Dietician

pH (Acid alkaline) Balance

Acid is produced by our body cells and bacteria living in and on us. In brief the process of sustaining life, every cell in our body produces acids, these acids are released by the kidney, bowel and lungs. Bacteria in our mouth also produce acid.
Unfortunately, excess acid damages and erodes tissues (In our mouth it is one of the causative factors that give rise to dental decay and gum disease (e.g. Gingivitis and Periodontitis)
We have mechanisms in place that use the minerals from our diet and what are stored within tissues to neutralise excess acid. The standard Western diet is deficient of these essential minerals that remove excess acids. This is when correct supplementation is necessary.
There is a great body of evidence that demonstrating the benefits Dietary practices and correct mineral supplementation can have on health and wellbeing by assisting in the elimination of excess acid and minimising it’s harmful effects.

Hormones and Gum health

Hormones, especially stress hormones such a Cortisol influence gum health. Some stress is vital for health, but too much is detrimental. Excess Cortisol deteriorates oral health in several ways, which include:

Breaking down healthy tissue (gum, bones and teeth)

Increases acid load (lowers pH) by up regulating production

Removing important mineral involved in eliminating excess acid

These factors create a favourable environment for disease causing bacteria to flourish. In brief, Stress plays a major role on health outcomes.

Micro biome (Oral Bacteria)

There are billions of bacteria living in your mouth (Good and Bad)
Beneficial bacteria are essential to maintain good oral health. However, the disease forming bacteria produce highly toxic substances and acids that cause inflammation, decay and breakdown tissue i.e. gums, and teeth. A favourable environment with correct nutrition and acid balance supports the growth of beneficial bacteria to flourish, is imperative for optimal oral hygiene.

Healthy Mouth Moonee Ponds

In summary, Oral Health is very complex.

Healthy Teeth and Gums Moonee Ponds

Not only is dental care essential but so is:

Diet and Nutrition

pH (Acid balance)

Stress management

Healthy oral bacteria also known as oral microbiome

Maintaining regular dental check-ups, a healthy Diet and lifestyle and if required taking the correct supplements to optimize pH (acid balance) go a long way to attain a high standard of oral health. Along with your dentist, we have the professional expertise to give advice and set you on the correct path to optimise Oral Health..