Stress is the modern-day word that describes emotional liability which arises from an unpleasant experience which is based on your interpretation.

This is not to say the stress is all “BAD” and to be completely avoided

Some stress is healthy and essential to create and motivate and bring about action. Stress is part of your survival mechanism. Without stress you couldn’t run away from a tiger or a predator or falling off a cliff. LIFE CUT SHORT.

The degree of stress response /reaction is determined by the meaning you give to the situation or condition.


Just as some stress response/reactions saves lives ongoing stressful feelings that are needless and repetitive can be detrimental and can contribute to many health issues such as anxiety and depression.


Generally, most stress response is not lifesaving. Rather unnecessary and created by your interpretation of situations and conditions based on:

Your past experiences, habits and conditions.

Future expectations and desire
Beliefs or rather thoughts you hold to be true constructed by your conditioning and life experience.

Stress can arise from what your mind’s imagines should be or could be or have been. Essentially bringing the past and the future into the present.

This may lead to worry, doubt and anger (all forms of fear) expressed as a state of stress. This may lead to physical response, e.g. heart palpitations, nervousness, mental chaos, and later to ill health.


In summary, when you are pulled by the past experiences and future possibilities in the present excessively, confusion may arise and an inability to view the present as an independent event. Your body interprets this in the present as stressful. You feel distressed and anxious leading to mental chaos and ill health.

Cure Stress

What you can do:

STOP – Slow everything down by taking 3-4 Deep breaths
Stay focused on the moment. Do what needs to be done if anything can be done or nothing, if you can’t breathe calmly (Repeat always “The universe supports and guides me”
Relinquish the fear of the past and future
Only the present is real
Practice these and feel the difference and observe your stress and fears disappear.