Enhance your Immunity- Prevention is Key

The world finds itself a victim to a microbial agent, invisible to the naked eye, a virus called Covid-19, a corona virus. Even with our vast amount of technology and modern medicine we have been caught by surprise and unfortunately currently witnessing the Coronavirus (Covid -19) to be a major health risk to humankind.

Viral infections

The question is how do we combat and overcome infections?
The answer is a healthy immune system!


A healthy immune system needs good nutrition & we know natural traditional remedies can further promote healthy immune function.

If we stop & look back in history, we see this isn’t the first-time humans have been plagued with major infections. During such times Mother nature has provided humans with natural remedies to assist in overcoming infections

Although modern science and medicine have provided pharmaceuticals to treat infections, at present they don’t a treatment for Covid-19, such as a vaccine and other pharmaceuticals.

Let’s take the opportunity and reach out to natural remedies that have shown to assist humans combat disease and infections by strengthening the immune system.

Strengthening the immune system is a preventative method to overcome all infections not only Covid-19.

There are many Natural Remedies that strengthen the immune system to fight infections.

Modern medicine tells us airborne infections invade the body, primarily via respiration mostly nasal, mouth and throat.

Given the important role the immune system plays in preventing and protecting the body from complications following any respiratory infections, including Covi-19, the respiratory system needs a strong immune system for its protection. Traditional medicine has documented ways in which the respiratory passages can be protected and the immune system strengthened.

1. Protecting the Nasal-Sinus – Using essential oils that specifically target these areas, one of the main entry points for infection.
2. Mouth/throat gargle – Using medicinal herbs traditionally found to relieve sore throats. The mouth and throat are other entry point for infection
3. Strengthen the Immune system – Taking medicinal herbs to assist your immune system to remain alert and resilient to infection

Viral Infections

Making healthy food choices– consume an abundance of vegetable, salads and fruits.

Regular daily exercise.

Health sleep hygiene.

Other supplements proven to enhance immune function such as. Vitamin C and Zinc are extremely beneficial. Correct dosing is important and requires professional advice.

Go out in the sun for 15minutes daily – Vitamin D is very important healthy immunity.

Specific probiotics play an important role to regulate immune function. Professional advice is recommended for best effect.