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Thoughts on DNA and Health

Thoughts on DNA

For some time, we were of the understanding that the book of life, known as your DNA is the determinant of our destiny. But thanks to the science of Nutrigenomic and Quantum Physics we know now this is not the case.

Nutrigenomics studies show nutrition impacts Gene Expression. Out of these studies have emerged vast amounts of evidence that agrees on how we nourish ourselves, the nutrients we take in, can determine how your DNA expresses. Exercise is also an influential factor of DNA expression.

DNA is a loaded gun

You can compare the DNA to a loaded gun and the trigger is the environment – where the environmental trigger can be frequency, nutrition or foreign chemical and exercise. This is why science views your DNA as the manifestation of your environment.

Vibration Energy

To further complicate the expression of DNA now, there is evidence that recognise and now measures thought or thoughts forms as vibrational energy. Thoughts flow into your mind to be coded and interpreted by the brain as images and feelings that have specific frequencies or energy, that in turn switch on/off brain cells – neurons (like a switching power station). These neurons go on to transit these thought frequencies(energy) to every cell in our body through vibration and directly to our DNA via the nervous system. It is at the DNA level that certain characteristics, health conditions can be triggered and finally expressed.

DNA Action.

In summary, your DNA is an expression of your environment which are:


Pay attention to not only what you eat, how much exercise you do, what you think and how you act.