Where do they come from and How do we absorb them?

Environmental Toxins include: POP’S (persistent organic pollutants.) Man-made industrial chemicals and pesticides, e.g. Dioxins, DDT. These are passed on and accumulated via the food chain.

Phthalates are chemical used in plastics, solvents, synthetic fragrances, detergents, cleansers, nail polish, fresheners, (They make products more playable and resilient
BPA are plastics that line plastic bottles, cans, coffee, soft drinks, baby bottles. Avoid heating and microwaving foods stored in plastics.

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The body absorbs these environmental chemicals via:




Orally (food & drink)

There are close to 800 environmental chemicals known or suspected to be capable of interfering with hormonal function. Only a small fraction of these 800 chemicals have been tested for their potential to cause harm to reproductive organs and …
Furthermore, most chemicals in current commercial use have not been tested at all.

Results published from WWF, the first European family blood test study found 73 man-made hazardous chemicals in their blood families in 12 European countries.

Australia has not conducted such a study. Even after decades of banning DDT and PCB, the two dangerous chemicals were still detected in 99% of 155 tested. Many of these chemicals in low dose are cumulative but very toxic.

Treat Environmental Toxins
Minimize the impact of Environmental Toxins

POP’S and our food chain.

POP’s are man-made organic chemical compounds that a highly toxic. They persist in the environment and bio-accumulate in that fatty tissue of all living organisms. They travel long distances ad spread through our food chain- meat, fish, poultry and humans.

How do environmental Toxins damage our health and how to minimize their impact?

The effect of accumulative chemical exposures on human development are already debilitating our current state of health and manifesting their impact in the rise of cancers, congenital malformations, Diabetes, Allergies, Immune disorders, obesity, Autism, Neurological and behavioural impairment.

Environmental toxins damage and disrupt our DNA expression, overload our cells detoxification process, they affect our hormones, reproductive organs, the female eggs and male sperm and our brain.

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Take action to minimize the detrimental effect Environmental toxins have on your health. Build awareness and become informed. Check environmental exposures where you live and work.


Wash carefully and in some cases, peel your fruit, vegetables and fruit.

Buy organic when possible

Supplement with nutrients and herbs, which enhance the detoxification and assist in the elimination of toxins.

Allow 1-2 times per year, a detoxification programme set by a qualified health practitioner

Avoid packaged foods

Nourish and protect your microbiome (healthy gut bacteria)

Avoid smoking, excessive drinking and recreational drugs

Exercise and reduce stress

Follow healthy sleeping habits

Choose chemical free personal and cleaning products

Enhancing and supporting our body’s Detoxification mechanism is very important. Follow a safe Detoxification programme 1-2 times per year. Further, there has been much supportive research and focus on the benefits of modified activated volcanic clays may have on enhancing the detoxification process and being useful in the elimination of toxins.

Modified activated Volcanic Clays can improve your health. There are few hundreds variety of volcanic clays with essential properties that act like sponges absorbing toxins and heavy metals. However, for a volcanic clay to have maximum human health benefits, that is safe and absent from internal toxic chemicals, it needs to be modified and activated. It is only then that the clay has extraordinary detoxifying potential, having great health benefits.

Environmental Toxins

Be aware! Read labels! Recycle!!!

Adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle practices.